Post is not reflected on the report.
It is possible that you are not participating in the campaign correctly. Here is what you need to check
1.Did you use the right account to post?
2. Are the campaign requirements (post requirements, hashtags) correct?
3. Are you participating in a campaign that is over budget? You cannot participate in a campaign that is over budget.
4. Have you deleted your post during the campaign period?
5. Have you changed the password of your SNS account during the campaign period? If you have changed your password, please login again. The data will be updated and the post data will be reflected correctly.
6. Have you posted during the campaign period?
7. If you are not able to retrieve your post after 20 minutes, please enter the post URL directly.
8. If you are posting on Instagram, is it properly connected to Facebook? Please check here.
9. Did you change the Facebook page which is connected with Instagram?
If you have changed the Facebook page that is connected with Instagram, please make sure to register the new Facebook page in AnyCreator. Once the new Facebook page is registered in AnyCreator, the system can get the post data automatically.
If your old page has been deleted, please contact our support team after registering your new page.
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