What is Instagram Business/Creator Account?

Business Account is...

Business account is an account for companies that can use tools to help them manage their Instagram account.

Creator Account is...

Creator account is an account that a celebrity or famous person has registered with a specific company or brand to promote their products or services.

What you can do with both business and creator accounts

・Analyze what kind of users are paying attention to you through the Insights function, including the number of reach. ・You can create and post ads. ・By entering the content to be posted and selecting photos in advance, you can schedule posts for the desired time and date.

What you can do with a business account

・You can set up buttons for "Call", "Email", "Directions", and "Make a Reservation". ・The shopping function can be used (it is possible to put a link to the sales site on the posted image)

What you can do only with a creator account

・You can set up "Phone" and "Email" buttons. ・Separate DMs for work and private.

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