Casting Campaign Flow

1. Select Campaign on "Your Job" page.

If you see this on the Find Jobs page, you need to reconnect your Instagram and Facebook. If you do not reconnect, you will not be able to participate in the campaign properly.

2. Click "Upload Draft Post"

<Campaign Status>




Before the campaign period starts.


The campaign period has already started. Please make a post during this period.


The campaign period has ended.

3. Upload the Draft Post

4. Check the Progress of the Draft Post

You can check the status of your draft post from the post list. If you receive a revision request, please click the "Edit" button to edit it. When your draft post is approved, it will change to "Ready to post" status.

5. Make a Real Post

Once your draft post has been approved and the status is shown as ready to post, you will be able to make a real post. Please upload your post from "Upload Post" on the scheduled submission date during the campaign period.

Be sure to post within the campaign period. If you post outside of the campaign period, the system will not be able to get the data and will not be able to pay you.

6. Wait for your post to be approved.

The advertiser will review the content of the post and approve the post if there are no problems. You will receive an email notification when your post is approved after the campaign is over.

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