Payment History

After requesting a payment, you can check the payment status from Payment History.



Requested Date

The date you clicked on the "Request Payment" button and submitted your payment request.

Due Date

Scheduled date of reward payment for the following month after billing

Paid Date

The date the payment was made


Subtotal of Campaign reward

Consumption Tax

It is different by country/region

Withholding fee

less than a million yen(including a million) = 10.21%

more than a million yen = 20.42%

Transfer fee

Transfer fee


Revenue = Total Revenue (excluding tax) - Withholding fees + Consumption tax - Transfer fee (including tax) for JP

Payment Status

Reviewing: After requesting payment, waiting for payment at the end of the following month. Paid: The payment has already been made to the registered account. Failed: Your account information is incorrect.

If your payment status is Failed, your registered account information is incorrect. Please enter the correct information and save it, then the payment status will be "Reviewing". After the AnyTag team confirms the correct account information, the payment will be sent at the end of the next month.

Register Payment Information

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