Change to Instagram Business Account

In order to register Instagram, you need to switch from a personal account to a business account. With a personal account, there is a limit to the data you can get, so you will need to switch to a business account in order to correctly analyze your post data and account.

What is Instagram Business/Creator Account?

Also, in order to register a new account from Instagram, your Instagram (business account) and Facebook fan page must be connected.

【How to change to Instagram Business Account】

1. Press "Edit Profile" on Profile

2. Press "Switch to Professional Account"

3. Press "Continue"

4. Choose Category

5. Choose Business

6. Press "Create a New Facebook Page"

If you already have a Facebook page, select the Facebook page you want to link.

7. Decide Page Name & Category

8. Press Done

<The difference between a personal account and a business account profile screen>

Business accounts will show the "Ads Tools" and "Insights" buttons.

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